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Welcome to The Heidi Fix! I am excited to be able to work with you on your journey through this informative online program!

This month we are wrestling with allergies! That’s the way many allergy sufferers feel, constantly withstanding or overcoming particular symptoms as they trudge through the warmer months when everything is in bloom. In working with hundreds of these cases in my career, I can say they all share some similar themes and respond in the same fashion, no matter how they tend to plague people. The heart-warming moments for me are when people come back during their typical rough months and tell me they have little to no expression of how their symptoms used to be.

Is this normal? Will this last? What did we do?

All of these and many more are uttered when we balance the imbalance in your body.

Join me as I explain how the relationships between our digestive system, respiratory system, kidney energy and outside environmental issues all partner in this one very seasonal complaint. We will journey through a few different acupressure videos to calm down a laundry list of complaints, from congestion to cough, sinus headaches and red itchy eyes. Food suggestions this month tend to surprise people because one specific tea and soup tend to do so much for all the symptoms in the head! A bonus for those of you with a paid Heidi Fix subscription is a one-on-one email consultation designed for your specific needs around allergies!

I hope you enjoy this month’s healthy tidbits and also see how different a specific aliment can be isolated and treated while addressing the whole body’s health. This type of simple-yet-complex approach to balancing the body is what continues to spark joy for me in my work in this medicine.

I look forward to hearing your take aways and from those of you who want to utilize the one-on-one consultation this month!

Your Partner in Health!

Welcome to March’s Fix! Welcome to March’s Fix!

Foods to Help Combat Allergy Symptoms (This is a Paid Feature) Foods to Help Combat Allergy Symptoms

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What’s Going On When Allergies Hit?What’s Going On When Allergies Hit?

Acupressure Points for the Lungs Acupressure Points for the Lungs

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Free Email Consultation and April’s Topic! Free Email Consultation and April’s Topic!

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Healing White Light Meditation