Heidi Shimko is a natural born healer and one of the most talented practitioners I’ve ever received acupucnture and Reiki from. Heidi has the ability to see beyond the symptoms and work with the root cause of an ailment. Her warm, bedside manner allows you to feel safe, heard and most welcome at her clinic. She captures the essence of what you are experiencing and weaves together the healing modalities that she is skilled in to create sessions tailored just for you and your healthcare needs. Whether you’re seeking treatment for an injury, recovering from an illness or actively taking preventative care of your health; Heidi is the practitioner for you! Her remarkable care will leave you feeling well taken care of, centered, healthy and ready to face the demands of your busy day.
— Heather F.
I was having severe muscle spasms in my back and was in a lot of pain when I contacted Heidi to make an appointment for acupuncture. She was able to fit me in her schedule quickly, which was a relief to begin with. She took her time learning about my history, and talking about the symptoms I was having. She performed her work very skillfully, and I didn’t feel the needles going in at all. Just the experience of being on her table in her care was very relaxing. She worked around the area, being careful to avoid direct contact with the most painful area. This is a problem that I’ve had in the past, and I am happy to say that Heidi’s care helped resolve the spasms completely more than a week sooner than it usually takes. I also had a camping trip planned for the next day, and while I wasn’t completely cured, I was able to go and enjoy the trip with my family and friends. The quicker recovery meant a lot to me, and I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi Shimko to anyone experiencing acute pain.
— Jennifer S.
I have never had someone more attentive to my needs or compassionate about a treatment like I have with Heidi. It’s not just that she is able to listen to all aspects of my condition and look for the root of the problem, but also her ability to sympathize with the condition to make you feel like you are not alone in the pain. Another added bonus is her ability to pair your treatment with every day changes that should aid in recovery - diet, exercise, herbs, etc. She also has a way to go beyond acupuncture into other aids, such as cupping and something involving a ceramic spoon that feels odd at first but great on the muscles afterwards. Definitely a great addition to my medical doctor when I’m sick and a way to relax or aid in small things I don’t need to see a doctor for otherwise.
— Justin S.
Heidi takes the time to listen to your concerns and map out the perfect plan to treat you. I have personally found immense relief from her treating me with cupping. She not only treats, but explains what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. I could not imagine visiting a different clinic!
— Jenna G.

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