February’s Topic

Welcome to the first edition of The Heidi Fix! I am excited to be able to work with you on your journey through this informative new program!

When thinking about what to do for our first month, I ran through a ton of ideas. Each of them will become topics in future months, but I realized that I couldn’t start our journey without giving you a basis of which to build. Not only should we focus on the organ that is the most revered and protected in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also we need to understand how we treat the body as a whole, in other words, in body, mind, and spirit. The organ that would be the most fundamental and chock full of examples for this purpose is the heart.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we have numerous ways to treat disease in the body. We look at internal and external elements that can be affecting the system. We supplement, nourish, regulate, diffuse, move and support your system in coming back into balance. We have many tools in which to do this. It is a unique system of medical theory as it looks at the body as a whole system that is interlaced and whatever we do to one part will affect the whole. Keeping that in mind I will do my best in the editions to come to show you how what you are learning every month is a way to take your health back. It’s a radical notion to think that our bodies are enough on their own and that we have the capacity to heal if we listen to them and support them in our daily lives.

I look forward to jumping in and sharing with you how the heart - known as the emperor of the body - works, how we can support it by building blood and yin, and how we can learn to listen to our hearts more. This organ that pumps blood and oxygen to all parts of our body does so much more and I look forward to exploring that with you.

I can’t wait to hear from you at the end of your Fix with whatever questions you may have!

- Heidi

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