Dr. Jean-Rafael R. Heiz-Neri (JR for short!)

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Jean-Rafael R. Heiz-Neri was born in Chicago, his father French and his mother Venezuelan. His diverse cultural background has given him the opportunity to apply a number of healing techniques from various cultures.

At the tender age of ten, JR began to study Reiki, a Japanese energy manipulation technique. From there he was inspired to study other forms of energy work including Qigong, Shamanic healing, Reconnective Healing/Reconnection and Manos. He holds a PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Nanjing, China, and is a licensed acupuncturist in Illinois, USA. He also holds degrees in Applied Behavioral Science and Nutrition, and is certified by the International Association of Sintergetica as a practitioner.

For the past three years, JR has been a Chinese Medicine Intern at GuoYiTang 国医堂, a renowned private clinic in Nanjing, China, and the Chinese Medical Provincial Hospital of Jiangsu 江 苏省中医院. Under the direct supervision of Dr. Wang Xinjun 王欣君, PhD tutor and advisor, while pursuing his PhD in TCM, he performed TCM treatment for patients with chronic and acute pain, GI disorders, acute and chronic depression, hormone imbalances, chronic nephritis, and malnutrition, using techniques such as regular acupuncture 针灸, fire needling 火针, zhen dao 针导 and moxibustion 艾灸.

JR no longer approaches medicine from a traditional or alternative view, rather his approach is complementary. He believes that health is a state of balance, and disease, derived from two words, dis-ease, is a lack of harmony in the body and mind.

He also believes healing comes from within yourself, but finding the source may be difficult at times. This is why the most important aspect of his work is to teach meditation. Being able to pause throughout the day, even for a few minutes can be a great healing tool for the body, mind and spirit.

Sintergetica is a unique diagnostic method which combines Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurvedic, South American, Shamanistic and Western Medicines. Sintergetica, along with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), considers the whole self including: gross and microscopic anatomy, metabolism, circulation, energy patterns and flow, temperament, emotions, psychic factors, and ancestral energy. For more information, you may visit his website at www.sintergeticachicago.com.